The Thicket

The way healthcare is provided is going through dramatic change. New technology is having a huge impact on people’s health and wellbeing. 

Tech companies are lining up to enter this space and disrupt healthcare and the life sciences as they have disrupted many other sectors. While some of this will improve our lives, unchecked growth will lead to unparalleled strength as more data is gathered and positions become unassailable.  

Whether it comes from tech companies or traditional players in these markets, innovation has the power to benefit everyone, and it should be protected. The incentives to maintain entrenched positions and stifle innovation can however be powerful. 

That is why we have set up The Thicket, a blog to discuss developments in competition, IP and data protection law that affect healthcare in the broad sense, including medical devices, life sciences, and hospital care. We bring to it our expertise in tech and pharma, but we will ask guests to enhance the blog with their own insights. We hope to spur debate in this important area that will affect everyone. 

The Authors

The authors are competition specialists at Geradin Partners, a boutique competition law firm based in Brussels. They have a wealth of experience in the application of competition law to technology and pharma. In addition, they ask guests with unique insights to provide thought-provoking contributions to the blog.